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Reading Reservoir Water Protection2013 AWWA Source Water Protection Award

Our Mission...

Is to provide water to our customers that is of the highest quality while being at an affordable price with the highest level of service, ensuring around the clock service and a concern to any problem from our entire organization. Delivering dependable, quality, affordable water is the goal to our customers.

Source Water Protection

Protecting the integrity of source waters in order to minimize the cost of treatment, as well as to reduce the risks to public health and our ecosystems.

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2013 National Exemplary Source Water Protection Award

Reading Area Water Authority has been selected to receive the 2013 National "Exemplary Source Water Protection Award" from the American Water Works Association.

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Your RAWA Bill

Get the information on ways to pay your bill, how to read your bill, and where you are able to pay your bill.

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RAWA Employee Identification

RAWA Employee Identification

April 17, 2014

Any party associated with or performing work for the Reading Area Water Authority (RAWA) are required to have proper identification with them at all times.

This includes but is not limited to an official Reading Area Water Authority (RAWA) shirt which will have their title listed on the back, a photo identification that will include their title, their name, department they work for, the name of RAWA and address.

If you as the customer feel uncomfortable about a situation where it involves a RAWA representative entering your property, please call 610-406-6300 ASAP for verification.

Never allow anyone into your home without proper identification.

RAWA Seeking Long Term Financial Solution

RAWA Seeking Long Term Financial Solution

April 4, 2014

With Reading's financial issues being worse than originally estimated, RAWA is proposing a long-term solution to the problem that could put the city on a firm financial footing starting January 1, 2015.

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